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5 delicious hempseed smoothies!

These are 5 delicious hempseed smoothie recipes. There is a recipe for everybodys taste, and you can easily vary the recipes to suit your preferences! Have fun making our favourite hempseed smoothies! Purple Power You need: 20 sweet cherries 10 pineapple pieces 2 large kohlrabi leaves (german turnip) 2 tbsp

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Cannabis Indica

Do you know the classification Indica? Although not as widespread as Sativa, it is still one of the best known species. Seedbanks and Grower distinguish between other hemp varieties such as “Ruderalis” or “Hybrids”, whereby the distinguishing features are usually the smell, the effect and the characteristics when growing. The

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Why should everyone eat hemp seeds?

Hemp seed, the superfood! No, you don’t get high from them! Hemp seeds are really healthy and popular with vegans and athletes. The ancient Chinese and Egyptians have already benefited from the positive effect. They produced medicine from hemp seeds and blossoms. They also used the seed oil as cooking

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Everything about cannabis!

Cannabis is a hemp plant and originally comes from Central Asia and has then spread to Europe and America. It is also a widespread useful and medicinal plant. Humans have used for thousands of years for many different purposes, e.g. for the production of textiles. The hemp itself possesses only

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Cannabis sativa

Do you know the classification Sativa? Yes, this is the commonly known cannabis strain. But Seedbanks and Grower differentiate between other hemp varieties like “Indica”, “Ruderalis” or “Hybrids”, whereby the distinguishing features are usually the smell, the effect and the characteristics when growing. What differences there are and what you

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Hemp Yoghurt Drink

Are you looking for a delicious, refreshing drink? If the answer is yes, the hemp yoghurt drink is the right choice for you! This yoghurt drink is not only incredibly healthy, but also very refreshing and perfect for a hot summers day. You need: 250g yoghurt60g peeled hemp seeds 4 cucumber