Strains A-Z

There are hundreds of cannabis seed species. There are so many cannabis varieties that no one can determine an exact number, as more are being bred. This is because the varieties are crossed with each other. Meanwhile you get every questionable cannabis seed variety offered, but they are all based on the same plant, the Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis species can vary in effect, price, cultivation, appearance and other factors. Some of the best known cannabis seed strains are certainly Crystal, Chronic, Big Bud, Ice, White Widow, Northern Light and Super Skunk. But there are many more cannabis seed varieties than just these.

Cannabis varieties can be divided into four main categories/species. These are:



Indica cannabis strains are mostly small and compact. Well suited for the so-called “Homegrow”, where you grow hemp at home in a growbox. Despite the fact that the plant becomes relatively small (about 1m), Indicas produce relatively many flowers. There are Indica Cannabis varieties that grow up to 600g per m² (about 4-5 plants). Indicas almost all come from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tibet, Nepal, etc. so mainly from South Asia. The effect goes more on the body and makes “stoned”, so more a couch presser.


Sativa comes from the equatorial regions. This variety continues to grow during flowering, so Sativas tend to grow very large. In the wild, these can grow up to several meters high. The leaves are broad with many small fingers.


The name comes from “ruderal”, a term for a wild growing plant. Ruderalis is native to Russia, Central Europe and Central Asia. They are very small, between 30-80 cm high. The plant has only a few branches, but broad, bushy and light green fingers. As it has a low THC content, it is rarely smoked but its variety makes it very interesting for breeding.