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Zuri Widow

Name: Zuri Widow Main Strain: Hybrid (Indica dominated) Origin: White Widow THC content: 15-27%. CBD Content: 0,3% Flavour: sweet, earthy, mossy, dry, oak, besides it is strong Cultivation: Flowering time approx. 8 weeks, harvest time October/September, also the difficulty is average. Positive: Effect: relaxing, and also making you sleepy (best

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Zombie Kush

Name: Zombie Kush Main strain: 80% Indica, 20% Sativa Origin: Lavender Kush x Amnesia x Bubba Kush THC content: 18-21% (high) CBD content: 0.3% (low) Flavour: earthy, spicy, grape, intense Cultivation: flowering period 7-9 weeks, harvest time mid-October Positive: Breeding: is relatively easy to breedEffect: very relaxing, very exhilarating, makes

Farmer is examining cannabis hemp male plant flower development
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Cannabis Indica

Do you know the classification Indica? Although not as widespread as Sativa, it is still one of the best known species. Seedbanks and Grower distinguish between other hemp varieties such as “Ruderalis” or “Hybrids”, whereby the distinguishing features are usually the smell, the effect and the characteristics when growing. The